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String beans, also known as kidney beans, are a high-vitamin ingredient.

There are many ways to make green beans, which can be fried and cooked.

However, everyone knows that green beans must be cooked. Uncooked green beans can cause people to be poisoned. So you need to boil the green beans before cooking them.

So, how much continuity does the seasoned tempeh need?

String beans are another name for kidney beans, also called kidney beans, kidney beans, and April beans, and they are called in different places. The north is also called Meidou, Sichuan and other central China are called green beans, and the Chuzhou area of Zhejiang is called Qingming beans.The Lanxi area is named the same as the north, called Meidou, and now is the season when a large number of green beans are on the market, before and after Qingming, so the Luzhou area is also called Qingming beans.

Do you want to simmer the green beans? Many people know that it is easy to be poisoned by eating unripe green beans, but it is not completely clear how to prevent poisoning.

The criterion for judging whether the green beans can cause poisoning is not how many times it has been processed, but whether the green beans are discolored and cooked, and whether there is a smell of beans, and whether all green beans are fully cooked.

For example, there are too many green beans processed at one time, and the stir-fry is uneven, and some of them are not fully cooked, which can cause poisoning after consumption.

In addition, it is not completely safe to boil water first and then use it for cooking. If the heating is not completed twice, the toxins cannot be destroyed.

Some people even want green beans to look good, and they are afraid that the green beans will become soft after they are cooked, and they will not taste crispy, so they will not be cooked thoroughly.

These are common causes of poisoning caused by insufficient heating of green beans.

How long does it take to cook the green beans?

Special fire for 5 minutes.

However, depending on the weather, the time cannot be determined specifically, so the standard for cooking should be a change in color.

Cook until soft and discolored.

You can also try it when you cook it.

Ingredients for string beans: 1 kg of string beans, dried peppers, and garlic. Step 1: Wash the string beans, remove both ends, tear off the tendons, and drain the water. Be sure to dry them.It is dangerous to spill oil.

Step 2: Put a little more oil in the pan, and fry the green beans with high heat for about 3 or 4 minutes. Fry until the skin is slightly wrinkled, then remove and swell, and remove the oil.

Undercooked green beans can cause food poisoning, so be sure to fry them thoroughly when fried.

Step 3: After taking out the green beans, put the extra oil in the pot into a bowl, leave some oil in the pot, and pour the oil into the dried chili, garlic and ginger.

Cut the dried peppers into small pieces and pat the garlic with a knife.

Step 4: Pour in the removed green beans, add some soy sauce, add sugar, salt, chicken essence (not recommended to eat more). Suggestion: If the green beans are not cooked, the saponin in the beans will strongly stimulate the digestive tract, andContains hemagglutinin, which has a clotting effect.

In addition, green beans also contain nitrite and trace amounts of proteases, which can stimulate the human stomach and intestines, poison human food, and appear as metabolites.

Detoxification method: In order to prevent the poisoning of green beans, the green beans must be thoroughly cooked and cooked.

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