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Lemon is a common fruit. The content of vitamin c in lemon is very high, so it has a very good effect of improving immunity and a good effect of beauty. You can usually use lemon to soak water.It can achieve a very good health care effect. If you feel that the lemon soak is very bitter, this means that the component of limonoid is relatively high, and the lemon soaked water will have better therapeutic value.

Lemon soda is very bitter1. Lemon contains limonin. Lemon contains a component called limonin. This plant bitterin is very high in orange fruits, and lemon is the most abundant.This kind of bitterin is particularly abundant, so it contains bitterness when brewed.

2. The method of brewing lemons is wrong. If you feel particularly bitter when eating lemons, in addition to the variety, there may be a wrong method of brewing lemonade.

For example, soaking lemons in hot water will be more bitter than soaking lemons in cold water, then you can quickly learn how to soak lemonade correctly, so that you can drink lemonade no longer “hard”.

3, lemon epidermis contains natural oil Friends who often drink lemonade will find that the epidermis of lemon looks bright and beautiful, this is because the epidermis of lemon contains a layer of natural oil, and the substance of this layer of natural oil has a bitter taste, if youWhen the water is soaked, it will taste bitter without washing off this layer of grease.

What are the benefits of drinking bitter lemonade?

1. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory studies have found that limonin has obvious analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, so we properly eat some bitter lemonade with limonin in daily life can also reverse the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, such as recent woundsCrowd of wounds.

2. Insecticide and insect control Because of the bitterness components contained in limonin, the pests also move forward. Therefore, lemon contains very few pesticides. The more bitter lemons, the less pesticide residues. In addition,After people consume bitterin in lemon water, they can also kill certain parasites such as tapeworms inside the body.

3. Some Japanese scientists who fight cancer tracked the proportion of citrus fruits and cancer among more than 40,000 Japanese adults between 1995 and 2003, and found that the more people who eat more citrus fruits, the more cancer they have.small.
Can prove that lemon also has a certain anti-cancer effect.

4, sedative sleep According to a hypnotic test study of anesthetized mice with limonoid analogs, it was found that limonoid can prolong the sleep time of mice, so it proves that limonoid has a certain sedative and sleeping effect, and usually has insomniaPatients can take a cup of bitter lemonade before going to bed to relax and sleep.

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