[How to make four-color salad]_Home-made practice of four-color salad_How to make four-color salad_How to make four-color salad

The pressure we have to face every day is very great. If we do n’t treat ourselves well and eat something casually, we are very sorry for ourselves, and casually at three meals a day, it is easy to make our bodies suffer from diseases.The method of color salad is simple, and it also has a certain decompression effect.

1. Wash the eggs, potatoes and carrots and prepare lunch meat. 2. Cook the potatoes and carrots. 3. Cook the eggs and remove the yolks (because the yolks have too high cholesterol, the elderly ca n’t eat well) and cut into small pieces.

4. Cut the luncheon meat into small pieces.
5. Cut the cooked potatoes and carrots into small pieces.

Pack 6 in a large salad bowl, prepare the salad dressing 7, squeeze the salad dressing on top 8, mix with chopsticks evenly, and you’re ready. The delicious salad is ready!

There are advantages and disadvantages to eating in a restaurant. Weighing the pros and cons is still a good way to cook at home. The four-color salad method is simple and you don’t need to worry about poor cooking.

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